Mambo Fusion Shines
With Alice Mawhinney
4 Week Course 


In this course, learn challenging and fun shines which will incorporate and fusion many different elements of Salsa and its history. The shines will work everything from Palladium footwork to Afro-Cuban movement. The focus of the course will be to push yourself to dance with a unique and informed flavour and style.

Mambo Fusion Shines 4 Week Course
Course commencing Wednesday June 5th - June 26th
8:30pm - 9:30pm
4 Week Course
Open to men & women

Where are classes?
La Encantada Collective
77 Stubbs Street, Kensington
Between Macaulay & Flemington Bridge Train Stations
Free street parking available

What’s the cost?
$75 for the 4 week course.
2 x 4 Week Courses ($140)
3 x 4 Week Courses ($200)
Casual attendance of classes $25.

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Mambo Fusion Shines
with Alice Mawhinney