Afro Cuban Body Movement
with Alice Mawhinney 


In this 8-week course, learn the roots and fundamentals of Afro-Cuban body movement and how to apply it to Salsa. The course will focus on breaking down body mechanics, understanding and learning the roots, music and history of the movements and then incorporating them into Salsa.

We’re excited to have Alice Mawhinney running this course. Alice is a Melbourne-based dancer who trained in Guatemala. Her fusion of Modern/Contemporary techniques with Salsa and Afro-Cuban techniques makes her style beautifully unique. This is a not to be missed course at La Encantada Collective.

La Encantada Afro Cuban Body Movement
Course commencing Saturday May 11th
8 Week Course (or attend casually)
Open to men & women

Where are classes?
La Encantada Collective
77 Stubbs Street, Kensington
Between Macaulay & Flemington Bridge Train Stations
Free street parking available

What’s the cost?
$180 for an 8 week course. Casual attendance $25.

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Afro Cuban Body Movement
Saturday’s (from 11th May)
with Alice